36W Recessed Panel Light for Clinical Observation 595x595

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- Suitable for applications in Medical sectors
- Cyanosis Observation Index COI <3.3
- UGR≤19 - soft light for visual comfort
- Flicker free
- Dependable performance - 50,000 hours lifespan

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More Information
Product BrandJinHang
Voltage220-240V AC
DimensionsL595 x W595 x H10mm
Flicker FreeYes
Warranty5 Years
Colour Temperature4000K
Efficacy (Lm/W)90
Lifespan>50,000 Hours
IP RatingIP20
Body ColourWhite

Cyanosis refers to the blue/purple discolouration of the skin which can indicate the potential for lung and heart issues, such as low levels of oxygen attached to the body’s red blood cells. In order to correctly diagnose these issues, the lighting in the clinical observation area must meet stringent standards. The JinHang Clinical Observation LED panel light meets these requirements.

This luminaire is Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) compliant LED panel light offers uniform colour temperature and a high CRI of 90. The COI is less than 3.3, making it optimal for analysing in skin tones.

With a unified glare rating of <19, this LED panel emits a gentle, soft and glare free light. It is also flicker free, helping to minimise eye discomfort and headaches caused from flicker.

This LED panel offers dependable performance, a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and 5 years warranty.



- Best for hospitals & healthcare
- Education sectors
- Offices spaces
- Galleries
- Retails & department stores
- Metros / train stations
- Airports


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